LMIC Kiosk

Features of the Instrument

The iLab kiosk is a tool we will be using to control and track usage of the LMIC microscopes. It will automatically record “no-shows” and make the time available to other users. It is cell phone compatible.

Link to LMIC kiosk: Kiosk

The kiosk will control power to the monitor of each system. The microscope will work only after the user clicks start in the kiosk. Click start to begin, finish to end. Users will still need to sign-in/sign-out of the old software to transfer images.


  • Users can start up to 60 min before the reserved time if scope is unused.
  • Users have 60 min past the end of reserved.
  • Users will be considered a no-show and reservation will be cancelled 30 min after reserved start time.


  1. Only EXTERNAL: To access the microscope when your reservation is about to begin, please log in to iLab (IU or iLab username) and click on the ‘Go to kiosk’ button seen on Schedule Equipment tab, top right under tab. 
  2. The Kiosk page will show your reservation. Click on the green Start button to begin your reservation.
  3. This will start your clock and allow you access to the microscope.
  4. When finished: Transfer your data to the server. Shut down the system THEN click on the blue Finish button for your reservation. 
  5. The system will show a confirmation popup- please click on the green Finish session to end your reservation or Cancel if you would like to continue using the microscope.

Walk-in reservations

  1.  If a microscope is free, the kiosk will show a green checkmark next to itsname



LMIC Kiosk User Documentation.pdf