Costs and Payments

Costs below for Indiana University researchers, collaborators and all IndianaCTSI Partner institutions. Rates will be 4X the listed rates for users from other universities and 8X for commercial users. Accounts will be billed monthly. Non IU institutions will be billed for payment via Purchase Orders.

Rates for Microscope and Workstation Usage
Nikon NiE$9.00/hour$9.00/hour
Leica M205FA Stereo Scope$9.00/hour$9.00/hour
Deltavision personalDV$17.00/hour$11.00/hour
Leica SP8 Confocal$22.50/hour$15.50/hour
Leica SP5 Confocal$20.25/hour$14.00/hour
Nikon A1 Scanning Confocal$20.25/hour$14.00/hour
OSR Spinning Disk Confocal$20.25/hour$14.00/hour
Pathway 435 $20.25/hour$14.00/hour
Pathway 855 $20.25/hour$14.00/hour
OMX Super-Resolution$26.50/hour$19.25/hour
Arcturus Microdissection$20.25/hour$14.00/hour
Motic EasyScan$9.50/hour$9.50/hour