Policies and Costs

Equipment Usage

We are a fee for use facility. All equipment is available equally to all trained users of the facility. Equipment scheduling for trained users is done using iLab, IU iLab with first-come first served access. Special consideration is given for experiments that need a long set-up period or to experiments that need longer time periods than the standard 4 hr window.


  • Trained users may reserve time using iLab.
  • Time may be reserved up to two weeks in advance.
  • Please be considerate of the needs of others by reserving only 4 hrs/day between 9am and 5pm.
  • Your accounts will be charged for the time you use the microscopes plus half of the time reserved but not used.
  • We know plans change. Please let us know if you will not use your reserved time. Reservations not cancelled by 5pm the day prior to use will result in charges. Of course, you will not be charged if a microscope is out of order or fails during data collection.
  • Night and weekend use is available only to approved, experienced users.


There is no expectation of authorship from any of the directors of the LMIC. Please acknowledge the LMIC in any publications.

OMX Users

  1. Please acknowledge the grant : NIH1S10OD024988-01 in any publications that contain data acquired on the OMX. The NIH is tracking # of publications/grant. This number will be important to our ability to obtain future equipment grants. The grant number MUST APPEAR IN THE PUBLICATION.
  2. Please acknowledge the LMIC. We appreciate it, and it helps us to continue to serve you.
  3. Free Scope time. As an incentive, your lab will get one free hour of scope time for each publication that properly acknowledges the grant and the LMIC. Just send us a PDF of the publication.